Jacob Arnold was born in Northampton County, Pennsylvania on October 22, 1763. He moved to Greenwich Twp., Berks County, Pennsylvania sometime before 1781 and stayed there probably until about 1792. During this time, he was a member of Dunkel's Reformed Lutheran Church. He married Anna ( Grunewald?) in 1786. They moved to Mason County, Kentucky where they remained for about 11 years. Sometime around 1805 they relocated first to Greene County, Ohio briefly, and then to Wayne Twp., Montgomery County, Ohio. Jacob and Anna are buried together in the Old Bethel East Cemetery, Miami County, Ohio. Their children were Mary, Catherine, Jacob Jr., Nancy, Elizabeth, James, John, Phoebe, and David.

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Where The Tree Started

By Rev. Wayne H. Arnold

Having visited with a number of the cousins over the past thirty years, we have come to the conclusion that we of this generation have a limited knowledge of our ancestors; when and where they were born, when they came to Wells County, Indiana, and many other questions about them are not generally known.

In the late thirties, some of the family was at our home in Coldwater, Michigan visiting and this subject came up: after a while some of them wondered who had the family Bible, and we made it known that at the passing of my father that mother had given it to me as I was the oldest son of Henry and Carrie Bell (Sweeny) Arnold.

At that time it was the opinion of those present that it would be nice to have a genealogy of the Arnold family and go back as far as possible, that we might know some of the facts that time has hidden. Aunt Sarah Arnold, being present, suggested that inasmuch as we had part of the information in the family Bible, that we would be the ones to compile the records, and that they would help in contacting the families and would send the dates and other data.

At this time we have eight generations, listed, and there could be some of the families where there are nine generations listed, we have been to get some of the information and the birth date of Jacob Arnold, Sr. who was born in 1763 in Northampton County, Pennsylvania, died October 2nd, 1840 in Montgomery County, Ohio, and was buried in Bethel Cemetery mile south of U.S. 40, East Miami County, Ohio.

Aunt Sarah (Beeler) Arnold was one that was very anxious that this genealogy would become a reality; although she did not live to see it, many of her family have had a part in bring together the data that has made it possible, along with the hearty co-operation of almost all of the family, and for this I am grateful.

I suppose there is a number of ways that this book could be arranged and indexed; however, I have arranged it starting with the oldest one that we have any record of at this time, and then followed with his children, beginning with the oldest of that generation and have continued that pattern through all of the generations.

We have tried to have all names and dates correct, however, it is possible there are some errors and those we deeply regret; if your listing is not correct will you please send me the correction; then I will make the correction and send new sheets to those who have the books.

It has been a pleasure to me to have compiled this book, for it has enhanced my knowledge of the family and has made me proud that I am one of you.

Rev. Arnold has since passed on. I would like to thank him and those who helped him gather the initial list of family members and their information.

A special thank you to Daniel Arnold of Fort Wayne, IN., and Dr. Paul T. Arnold of Young Harris, GA. who have provided large chunks of data to this project.

Disclamer: While every effort has been made to source the information in this family tree, the reality is that it is impossible to source 100% of the data. Anyone using this data should do an independent verification of its authendicity. I will happily correct my database if you find errors. I do, however, ask that verification be provided. If I accept the update, I will correct my database immediately. This website will be updated when I get around to it (today is my first update to the site in 7 years).


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