Diary of Samuel J Arnold
January - June, 1851
January 1 Wednesday
I attended a grocery in Brant and spent the day mostly in idleness and seen a great deal drinking going on
but did not drink any.

January 2 Thursday
Myself I passed the time at Mr. Helmers in chopping wood and sitting by the fire.

January 3 Friday
I rode to north -------ton and collected an old debt of $5 of Ed Finnamore. The wether is very cold and

January 4 Saturday
I finished husking corn at helmers. -----------------& I Borrowed $60 of John Anderson.

January 5 Sunday
The weather is clear and moderate. ----------------- snow is--------------------------to Indiana. I put up at A.

January 6 Monday
The weather is -----------------------. Bennet and myself ---- waiting for companions.

January 7 Tuesday
the weather is cool this morning . The ---------- is -----------good and Mr. Barber & Benet & I are on our

January 8 Wednesday
We stayed last night in Recovery with (Willis or Willys). Our bill was 79 cts a pease for our selve &
horses. The weather clear & warm.

January 9 Thursday
We landed last evening at Mcgineses. It rained last night and is very mudy this morning. I visited --------
burg or bury and found them well. We traveled to Mr. Paynters & put up.

January 10 Friday
We left for Wayne & entered 124--69/100 acres of land for Mr. Helmers & paid $155.85. We landed to
night at Mr. Benets & found them well.

January 11 Saturday
The wether is clear & cold. I visited my brother Elijah & found them all well. I attended meeting this
evening and spent the evening pleasant.

January 12 Sunday
There is a little snow this morning & we attended church. There was a large crowd. It is called a
quarterly M.

January 13 Monday
I spent the Day at my brothers. The wether is clear & moderate. I am going to visit a friend this

January 14 Tuesday
I spent the night very pleasant. This morning start home. I put up for now in ft. wayne & paid 12ù1/2
cts. I traveled on the plank road South & put up with Paynter.

January 15 Wednesday
Today I paid Mr. Edington for clearing 5 acres of land & I swapt horse with ----- Sutton even.

January 16 Thursday
I traded horses with J. Maddux dur------ I had some dificulty with Mr. Edingtons. I gave Mr. Balding a
job of clearing.

January 17 Friday
4 acres at 4$ per acre to be cleared 1 ft & under. The wether is clear & cold. I got my mare shod in
Blufton for 80 cts.

January 18 Saturday
The wether is very cold this morning & the ground is froze & very rough. I stayed last night with

January 19 Sunday
I left Mr. Mcginis & started home. The ground is rough & the wether cold. I fed at Mr. Chatmans 12
m (miles) from recovery.

January 20 Monday
I stayed last night with Henry Lip in recovery & fed in the country 5 m from greenville & passe through
greenville this afternoon & put up with J. Shade.

January 21 Tuesday
My bill was 75 ct this morning. The wether remains cold & the road rough. I landed at Mrs. Barbers at
11 oÆclock & put up to spend the day.

January 22 Wednesday
I started home early. I reached J. Arnolds at noon & found them all well. I landed at Mr. Helmers this

January 23 Thursday
I spent the day with Mr. Helmer. The wether is clear warms & dry. ItÆs very hard on the wheat in the
the ground.

January 24 Friday
To day I helped my father thrash with the machine. The wheat is worth 65 cts.

January 25 Saturday
We thrashed till noon & I spent the afternoon in doing nothing.

January 26 Sunday
This morning I thought of going to uncle John Arnolds but did not start til noon but he was not at home.

January 27 Monday
To day I looked at a piece of land that I had a notion of buying near west Charleston.

January 28 Tuesday
I spent the day helping helmer tramp oats. The wether has changed extremely cold.

January 29 Wednesday
We thrashed but little to day on account of it being so very cold & windy.

January 30 Thursday
To day we thrashed & this evening we went to brant but there was not much a doing. There all was calm.

January 31 Friday
To day we are stile tramping oats. The wether is cold yet but it is moderating a little.

February 1 Saturday
I stayed last night with my father. He is complaining of a pain in his side. This morning I went to
midway mill.

February 2 Sunday
It commenced snowing last evening & continued most all day to day.

February 3 Monday
Mr. helmer & myself halled wood tile noon. I went hunting in the afternoon. Our luck was poor. The
snow is soft.

February 4 Tuesday
I went hunting this morning a short time but found nothing. I then helped my brother to thrash til noon.

February 5 Wednesday
This morning I went to midway & got my mare shod.

February 6 Thursday
I got one horse shod this morning in Brant & I helped helmer thrash oats in the evening.

February 7 Friday
I got two horses shod at timins shop this morning. The wether is moderate. The wheat looks very bad.

February 8 Saturday
I spent the day at sale at Mrs helmer. I sold a mare that I got of my father.

February 9 Sunday
It rained all last night. To day it is keeping it up. The roads are very mudy.

February 10 Monday
I stayed last night at J. Falders. It is raining. This morning I took the mares to that I sold to the man but
he backed

February 11 Tuesday
I stayed last night with Peter Angleberg. The ground is covered with snow this morning.

February 12 Wednesday
no entry

February 13 Thursday
I visited J or I. Slockstice & spent the day. I sold him the mare that hare was to take at 40$.

February 14 Friday
The wether continues very wet. We tried to clean oats to day, but our Mill would not do it. I spent the
evening in hunting, but got nothing.

February 15 Saturday
I spent to day in doing nothing & had Mr. helmers to help me. The wether is cold & windy.

February 16 Sunday
I spent the day at fathers. The wether continues cold. The wheat looks very bad in the ground.

February 17 Monday
I helped Mr. Helmer to clean oats. They are but poor this year. They are worth 35cts at present.

February 18 Tuesday
To day I helped my brother thrash oats till noon. In the afternoon I hunted squirrel.

February 19 Wednesday
I payed Jacob Throyer 80 dollars. Of ------ money 5$ of it was interest & I settled with Alexander
herina. Give Due bill for 40$.

February 20 Thursday
It rained all day & I done nothing. The roads are very mudy.

February 21 Friday
The wether remains wet & warm. I helped helmer make a few sugar troughs.

February 22 Saturday
We hawled a load of hay before noon & built fence in the afternoon. The wether is warm & clear.

February 23 Sunday
I spent the day at fathers. It rained this afternoon.

February 24 Monday
To day I went to Carlisle to try to sell a horse, but sold none. I have 4 horses.

February 25 Tuesday
To day I helped Mr. helmer top sugar trees. The water runs well.

February 26 Wednesday
The wether is warm. The sugar water does not run well to day.

February 27 Thursday
It rained to day & is turning cold. I got a horse shod at timins shop. I found the shoes & paid 80 cts.

February 28 Friday
The wether is cold & the ground white with snow.

March 1 Saturday
I took 3 horses to Dayton to sell but did not sell any. The wether is cold, the road very bad. Wheat is
worth 62 cts, corn 40, oats 35 & potatoes 70 cts.

March 2 Sunday
I spent the day at home till evening & I went to Mr. Allens & paid him $50 borrowed money.

March 3 Monday
To day I helped Mr. helmer in the afternoon gather sugar water. The wether is too cold for good sugar

March 4 Tuesday
I went to Dayton with the wagon. The roads are very bad. Business is dul in town.

March 5 Wednesday
I atended sale at J. Pomphreys but bought nothing. Sugar water runs well to day.

March 6 Thursday
There is a nice skift of snow. The wheat looks poor in the ground.

March 7 Friday
We are still working at sugar making. It has been a fine season.

March 8 Saturday
I went to Tipacanoe to day. The wether is fair.

March 9 Sunday
I attended church service to day at Polner chapel in the forenoon & brant in the afternoon.

March 10 Monday
I went to see Henry Ten Eick this morning but he was not at home. Sugar wether continues good yet.

March 11 Tuesday
I attended sale at Bows (Bour)man to day & coming home got in a fight with an old friend.

March 12 Wednesday
I stayed at home to day. I felt ashamed to be seen. My face is considerable scrached. This is a good sugar

March 13 Thursday
I helped John Anderson hall hay & bought one load for 3 dollars.

March 14 Friday
I went to see Mr. T.L. stockstill but had nothing serious. The --------essor was with us.

March 15 Saturday
To day I went to Carlisle to see Archie lightfoot sell. He brought 129$. It rained very hard this evening.

March 16 Sunday
I spent the day at Mr helmers. It rained all day. I traded horses with J. French. I give him 25$ boot.

March 17 Monday
It is still rainy. I subscribed for a farier book price 3.50 to be delivered in 6 weeks.

March 18 Tuesday
I rode all day collecting horse money & had the luck to get 20$10 in money & 10 in notes.

March 19 Wednesday
I put in the day riding.

March 20 Thursday
To day I rode to Adison to try to sell a horse but sold none. The roads are bad.

March 21 Friday
This morning I went to see J. Throyer & then I got ready to go to Indiana & I started in the afternoon &
tonight find me at Aaron Barbers.

March 22 Saturday
This morning it is raining. I took dinner at J. Thayr or Shafer in New harison at price 40 cts. To night
I am 5-1/2 miles from greenville (OH) on the recovery road.

March 23 Sunday
I paid 75 cts this morning & fed at recovery price 25 cts. When I started, I forgot my saddlebags & rode
6 miles before I found it out & turned back & I am at the same place that I fed.

March 24 Monday
I paid for myself & 2 horses 65 cts & I fed at Mrs. vonces price 20 cts. I landed at paynters this evening
& found them well.

March 25 Tuesday
To day I visited my land & this evening I went to Bluffton Court (IN) set (seat). To day there was a great
many people out.

March 26 Wednesday
I done some work on my land. It looks a little discouraging to see how rough & how much work there is
to do there.

March 27 Thursday
I stayed with J. Maddux last night & today I went to see my brother Elijah & found them well & to
night finds me in the arms of my lover.

March 28 Friday
To day I attended a log roling at Solomon Fulks & this evening finds me again enjoying my self with my

March 29 Saturday
I returned to Jacob Maddux. My is yet on Eelriver. The wether is fair & pleasant. I am in good health
but my mind is troubled.

March 30 Sunday
This morning the wether is pleasant & the folks are going to church & I feel as thoug I was lost. I visited
L(?) Paynter & found them well.

March 31 Monday
I gruld some on my land & went to my brothers & got some chery trees & set them out.

April 1 Tuesday
I worked on my land. Hard work stares me in the face till I am almost discouaged.

April 2 Wednesday
I worked at my clearin but did not do much on account of having a bad cold. I went to murray and
bought 3 bu of bound(?) at 6 cts per bu.

April 3 Thursday
I helped Maddux saw timber for cooper st------. The wether is fair. I am keping 2 horses at Madduxes. I
have to pay 37 cts for corn.

April 4 Friday
My cold continues, but I worked some at choping & burning the old timber in my field.

April 5 Saturday
I stayed last night by myself. Madduxes was visiting. It rained all night & to day so that I done nothing
but read.

April 6 Sunday
I spent the day in idleness. I was at Mr Paynters & Weltys. To day was pleasant.

April 7 Monday
I spent the day in Bluffton. There was a great many people there. I got 4 teeth filled & l new one set &
paid $5. He insured them for one year.

April 8 Tuesday
It rained & the wether was so bad that I did not work before noon. I choped some dead timber this

April 9 Wednesday
Jacob Maddux helped me fill up my fireplace & role some logs on my garden spot.

April 10 Thursday
I worked til noon & then went to adams county on a visit.

April 11 Friday
It took me til noon to get home. I had a pleasant visit this afternoon. I fired my log heaps. The wether is
fair & cold.

April 12 Saturday
I started at 10 o clock to visit my lover. I got to wayne at 2 & landed at my brotherÆs at 6 & was sorry to
hear that my lover was under the doctors care. I went late to see her.

April 13 Sunday
I stayed at Mr Bennets last night. Maria is a little better this morning & I went to my brotherÆs & spent
the day. It rained all day.

April 14 Monday
I spent the day at Mr. BennetÆs. The day seemed long. I sit up with my lover a short time but she is too
ill to spent the evening pleasant.

April 15 Tuesday
Maria is sick yet. I am sory to leave, but my work is urging me. I started fro home & got to J. Madduxes
at 4 & I helped Mr. Baldwin to roll logs this evening.

April 16 Wednesday
I spent the day choping dead timber in my field. I worked hard & feel very tired.

April 17 Thursday
I put in the day at work on my place till evening & I visited Adams Co. but rather an unpleasant visit.

April 18 Friday
I did not work till in the afternoon then I worked on my farm.

April 19 Saturday
I had Jacob Maddux to help me hall a load of brick 400 for which I paid $1.80. We halled rock & stone.

April 20 Sunday
To day I went to Bluffton & bought a pair of boots for $4.75 & returned to Jacob Madduxes with the
intention to start to wayne tomorrow.

April 21 Monday
I started to wayne at 8 & met my intended brother in law at 10 oÆclock & we got the licence & landed at
Benets in the evening & found the folks in moderate health.

April 22 Tuesday
I kept company with my intended last evening. To day at 3 the ceremony was said and the day passed off
quite pleasant.

April 23 Wednesday
The wether is fair & pleasant & myself & wife spent the day at Elijahs. Maria is complaining of feeling
unwell from the Iricipales.

April 24 Thursday
I took my wife to her fathers & I came home by myself. He thought she was not able to halled over our

April 25 Friday
I worked at my garden fencing & cleaning up & I paid 4 pigs for Mr Ridale? & this evening finds at J.

April 26 Saturday
This morning I altered 2 horses for Deams & 2 for W. Winters & got home at noon. Jacob Maddux
helped me fit my back wall.

April 27 Sunday
My wife & her brother landed at our new home yesterday eve & we went to Madduxes to day. I went
back & took the clamps off the horses.

April 28 Monday
We are plowing our garden & fiting the house. We are still boarding at J. Madduxes.

April 29 Tuesday
To day we commenced making garden & we intend to lodge at our new home. It is raining to night.

April 30 Wednesday
We slept well last night & are at home in good health. Our fare is poor but we enjoy ourselves very well.

May 1 Thursday
The wether is extremely cold. I put in the forenoon in doing tures(chores?) & helped Mr Weltre in the
afternoon to hall maneur.

May 2 Friday
The ground is frozen _ inch deep. This morning I visited uncle John Maddux & 85lbs meat at 6 cts per
lb. My expences towards getting something to live on $5.90.

May 3 Saturday
It is raining & the wether is cold. I altered 2 horses to day. 1 for Mr. Often & 1 for Mr. Bears.

May 4 Sunday
I had to bend the Sabbath a little to finish my yesterdays work. The wether is dry and cold.

May 5 Monday
I built a homespun stable to answer for the present time & got my horse & hay moved home. We are now
fixed to live like hooziers.

May 6 Tuesday
We have had a rolling of our own consisting of our two selves & horses & we got along well except we
broke the gear & caused me a trip to the shop.

May 7 Wednesday
We finished rolling logs. We got along very well considering the number of hands, my wife & myself.

May 8 Thursday
We went to J. Madduxes. I helped him to plant corn & Maria helped quilt. The wether is dry. The
wheat shows the effects of frosts.

May 9 Friday
I went to Allen Clarks & altered 4 horses & 9 pigs for which I got $2.55.

May 10 Saturday
The --- so dry that every thing is suffering for rain. I have been digging for water but the ground is very

May 11 Sunday
We spent the day at home & had company. The wether is warm & we had a find rain this evening.

May 12 Monday
The ground is quite wet & the wether continues showery. I killed 1 turkey & 2 squirrels & 2 pheasants
with out missing this afternoon.

May 13 Tuesday
The wether continues wet but the sun set clear. We had a turkey dinner & Mr. Paynter & his family was
with us.

May 14 Wednesday
The wether is clear this morning. The ground is very wet. I deadinged a small piece yesterday for to try
an experiment.

May 15 Thursday
I am quite unwell to day. The wether is clear & cool. The wheat looks quite well in the ground. Wheat is
worth 65 cts, corn 37 cts, potatoes 371/2 cts, oats 371/2 cts & very scearce.

May 16 Friday
I am getting a little discouraged about corn planting. I commenced ploughing this afternoon for corn.

May 17 Saturday
I spent the day ploughing & clearing up the grubs & trash(?). It commenced to (rain) ------------------------
--------- mistaken. I commenced ploughing on Thursday eve.

May 18 Sunday
I went to Bluffton on Saturday & bought 40 acres of school land. I paid 61/2 $ per acre. I bent the
Sabbath by handling my gun.

May 19 Monday
I went to Bluffton & paid the first payment on the lot that I bought last Saturday. It was $79.65. I altered
1 horse for Bennet.

(End of pencilled entrys)

May 20 Tuesday
It is still too wet to plough & the prospect seems poor for raising a crop of corn. the cut worms are cutting
off what is planted.

May 21 Wednesday
I split some railes & choped some to day.

May 22 Thursday
It has rained a great deal to day. I finished laying my floor to day & made a few railes.

May 23 Friday
It rained some to day but no as much as to keep us from work. I had Mr. Welthy to help me. We was
making ready to fence in my house.

May 24 Saturday
We got our lot fenced & went squirrel hunting this afternoon & I altered 2 colts for J. High for chick & I
got $1.00.

May 25 Sunday
We attended church at Murray & went to H. Suttons for dinner. There was meeting this afternoon but
we did not go.

May 26 Monday
I hall some railes & commenced ploughing again. The ground is heavy & I have but one horse which
makes it tedious ploughing.

May 27 Tuesday
I am ploughing. The wether is very warm & the ground hard.

May 28 Wednesday
I finished ploughing & commenced planting. It seems very late to plant, but there is a great deal of corn
to plant yet.

May 29 Thursday
There came a heavy rain las night & the ground is too wet to plant, but it is so late that we are trying to
plough in the mud.

May 30 Friday
no entry

May 31 Saturday
I have been clearing up a potatoe patch & ploughing * I am making ready to go to Ohio.

June 1 Sunday
I went to uncle John Madduxes after my horse & found the folks well.

June 2 Monday
I paid Mr. Welty $11.75 cts & I settled with J. Maddux & my bill was $20.24 cts.

June 3 Tuesday
I started to Ohio this morning but only got as far as my brothers on account of rain til noon, but
__________ & I traveled in the afternoon

June 4 Wednesday
We stayed at Mr. Chapmans 12 miles north of recovery & found the roads very bad. We got 81/2 miles
south of recovery till noon & to night to Mr. Shades.

June 5 Thursday
We stayed in new haris and our fare was good & bill $1-50 for ourselves & horses & we stoped with Mr.
Barber for dinner & landed home this evening & found the folks all well.

June 6 Friday
To day I commenced to try to settle up my business. I rode all day & collected $4=00. To night finds me
at Peter Anglebargers.

June 7 Saturday
I have had the luck to lose 11 sheep out of 35 at Peters. I called at James Arnolds & found uncle &
aunt both unwell. Aunt quite sick. I collected $77=00 & got home this evening.

June 8 Sunday
I spent the day riding around in the neighborhood. I was at Mr. Snells and found my sheep all right
except the loss of 2 & gain 3 strays, 2 of them came from Anglebargers & was mine.

June 9 Monday
This morning I put my mare to Archie lightfoot. I commenced to thrash corn with I had at Mr. helmers.
Moses is helping me.

June 10 Tuesday
I halled off 1 load of corn this afternoon. I sold at 35 cts per bu. I sold to John Kniesly. There has been
great improvement made on this road since I saw it last.

June 11 Wednesday
I halled 1 load of corn to day. We are boarding at fathers which make it quite unhandy.

June 12 Thursday
I am yet halling corn. The locusts are the plentyest on this road I ever saw them.

June 13 Friday
I finished halling corn. I 154 bushels. I got my mare shod yesterday & my horse to day. I called at J.
Horns to see how he is getting along with a wagon which he is making for me.

June 14 Saturday
I stay with John Searf or s last night. I divided my wool with Anglebarg yesterday & with Snell to day.
I sold my part in Carlisle for 22 $ & kept 4 fleeces to take with me to Indiana.

June 15 Sunday
I put in the day riding aroun & collected $7 horse money & sold a horse to Samual Herdman for 60$ &
drove a cow home that I bought of Mcpherson.

June 16 Monday
I got my wagon of horn. I paid him $69=35 cts for the summing gears & am getting the bed made in
brant. I am hurrying to get ready to return to my wife.

June 17 Tuesday
I sold my cow to John Allen that I bought of Mcperson for $11 with I paid 12$. I traded my little horse to
Teneick for a wagon. I got my wagon bed. I paid $6=371/2cts for it.

June 18 Wednesday
I sold a cow & bull to my brothers for 19$. We loaded up & started for Indiana. This morning we got
to covington to night. I am hall my brother & his chldren. Our bill was $2=00,

June 19 Thursday
We got along very well to day & we put up with Mr. Wolf 81/2 miles south of recovery. We drove till
after dark. The children got very sleepy.

June 20 Friday
Our bill was 75cts. It rained quite hard this morning, but it did not last. We found some bad roads after
we past recovery. We put up to night with Mr. goff a miles south of Alexander.

June 21 Saturday
Our bill was 75cts. I paid it by altering a colt & giving 25cts. We got to moses before we stoped for noon.
I landed my good at my house & got to Jacob Maduxes this evening & was glad to find my wife well.

June 22 Sunday
We spent the day in moveing our things back to our house & fixing them up.

June 23 Monday
I commenced ploughing my corn. It look well for the time it was planted. Corn is a great deal smaller
than it in Ohio, but the wheat is larger here than it is there.

June 24 Tuesday
I am plowing corn to day & Mr. Welty hoing after me. I have plowed it one way & have turned the other
way. I am howing it.

June 25 Wednesday
I finished plowing and have got my field quite clean. The wether is so dry that the corn canÆt grow much.
I paid Mr. Baldwin $20 on his job of clearing.

June 26 Thursday
I spent the forenoon in howing in the garden & I helped Mr. Welty harrow corn.

June 27 Friday
I harrowed corn for welty till noon & went to Jacob Madduxes for grass to feed my horses. I have a
great deal of trouble to get feed.

June 28 Saturday
I went to bluffton & bought chears --- for which I paid $3=52cts & I bought 12 bu of corn of Moses for
31cts per bu $3:72cts.

June 29 Sunday
We stayed at home to day & I shot 4 squirrels while my neighbors went to church.

June 30 Monday
I planted potatoes. I hoed potatoes till noon & went to hall pay for Welty, but he was on a spree & I and
Paynter shocked up his hay.

July - December

Diary courtesy of Jan Smith

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