Diary of Samuel J Arnold
July - December, 1851

July 1 Tuesday
I spent the day helping Soloman TeFaler raise a stable.

July 2 Wednesday
I helped Jacob Maddux to mow till noon & I halled water in the evening. We have it very unhandy to get
water. I went to Jacobs for grass.

July 3 Thursday
I spent the forenoon hunting & had bad luck, only killed 1 squirrel & we had a woolpicking this

July 4 Friday
I went to bluffton & saw a great crowd collected to celebrate the 4th but some celebrated the bottle. I
bought a cow of abram Mcdole price 13$.

July 5 Saturday
To day we howed our potatoes & tryed to get ready for harvest. I killed 5 squirrels this evening. The
wether is fair.

July 6 Sunday
I went to drive my cow home & got caught in a rain. My brother helped me home with the cow. We had
a fine rain.

July 7 Monday
I intended to help Jacob Maddux harvest, but it rained so that we only cut 15 dozen & I ground my
scythe. We had a hard rain this evening.

July 8 Tuesday
I done but little work today. I hunted squirrels this morning & commenced a brush fence this afternoon.

July 9 Wednesday
I worked for Jacob Maddux. I cradled 68 dozen & it commenced raining at noon & it is raining yet &
the ground is flooded with water.

July 10 Thursday
The ground is wet & I have been thining my corn to day. Corn is quite small for this season of the year,
but it is growing well now.

July 11 Friday
I worked for Maddux. Three of us put up 114 dozen. The wheat is good. The wether is pleasant today.

July 12 Saturday
We put up 104 dozen. We are failing. The wether is warm & has the appearance of rain.

July 13 Sunday
We spent the day at home in rather a lazy manner. The wether is very warm. There has been thunder
showers passing around, but none came here.

July 14 Monday
I helped Jacob Maddux to harvest. Him & me put of 83 dozen of wheat. The wether is clear & pleasant.

July 15 Tuesday
To day we only put of 65 dozen. The wether is very warm.

July 16 Wednesday
I helped Mr. riddle to harvest. It was very windy which made it very hard cradling.

July 17 Thursday
I done but little work. I had no place to harvest so I took times easy.

July 18 Friday
I plowed corn. The corn is small for this season of the year.

July 19 Saturday
I finished plowing my corn & went squirrel hunting, but found but one. They appeared to all be holed up.

July 20 Sunday
I attended a burying at bluffton. The name of the man was Eliphalet wooltz. Maria went to Jacob

July 21 Monday
We howed corn to day. The wether is clear.

July 22 Tuesday
I worked at my brush fence. I am trying to fence in a lot for to keep hogs in & am fencing 1 side with

July 23 Wednesday
I am working a little at my fence. I have a great deal of trouble with my horses. I am pasturing them in
the woods.

July 24 Thursday
I took Maria & Mrs Paynter to Mr. gartens to a quilting & I bought 300 ft of plank. I paid $3=00.

July 25 Friday
I finished my fence & went & brought home a sow & 7 pigs. I bought them of Mr. grayham. I paid him

July 26 Saturday
I helped Jacob Maddux shock hay til 3 oclock & I went to Bluffton. I bought a jug full of whisky. I paid
53 cts.

July 27 Sunday
I stayed at home & bent the sabbath a little by making hay ladders.

July 28 Monday
I hired John Evans to help me mow at Jacob Madduxes. I bought a piece of grass. I paid Mr. Baldwin
$10=00 on his job of clearing.

July 29 Tuesday
I commenced mowing at Mr. Gartens. I took a piece of grass to cut on shears. John Evans was helpig
me, but on we only worked till noon on account of rain.

July 30 Wednesday
We worked at our hay.

July 31 Thursday
We are yet working at haymaking at Mr gartens. It is quite unhandy to work so far from home.

August 1 Friday
We have commenced halling. The roads are rough.

August 2 Saturday
We finished our halling hay by working after dark a while.

August 3 Sunday
We had a stack of hay to finish to day. & got it done just in time. We had a fine rain & it is raining yet.

August 4 Monday
The ground is very wet. The election went off to day, but I have not been here long enough to have a vote.

August 5 Tuesday
I went to bluffton & bought 10 bushels of corn at 311/4 per bu. I went in a debt to J. Studabaker
$3=95cts for corn & other notions.

August 6 Wednesday
I do not like the idea of store debts, but I cannot see how I am to get along without. I worked for Jacob
Maddux to day taking up oats.

August 7 Thursday
I worked at clearing up a piece of ground for turnips.

August 8 Friday
I went to Mr. Nelsons & got my horses shod & went in debt 30 cts & I went & got a load of wheat of

August 9 Saturday
I started early this morning to wayne. I had on 41 bu & it was load a nough in the mud, but I had plank
the most of the way. I bought a churn $1.25, a lb salt $1:44.

August 10 Sunday
I got home last night at 10 oclock & my horses was very tired. I spent to day a home.

August 11 Monday
I worked at clearing my turnip patch.

August 12 Tuesday
I am working at my turnip patch yet. I am cutting off the saplings & not grubing it. It will be roughly put

August 13 Wednesday
John evans commenced to work a month for me. He is to make a dry(?) month for 13$.

August 14 Thursday
We worked at clearing to day. I brought home 8 bu of wheat that I got of J. Maddux.

August 15 Friday
To day we plowed & sowed our turnip patch. The wether is dry & we are at a loss for water.

August 16 Saturday
We sowed our turnip patch with timothy & we built a chicken house this afternoon.

August 17 Sunday
We visited uncle John Maddux. The roads is bad. We had a great rain last night. John evens put in 4
days last week.

August 18 Monday
We butchered a sheep this morning & I altered a horse for Mr. hafelief. I got $1. We waid our sheep. It
waid 100 lbs. I $1-50 for it & Jacob Maddux took _ of it.

August 19 Tuesday
James Campbell & Jacob Maddux helped me to day. We grubed & cleared fence row & Jacob had to
leave at half past 1 oclock.

August 20 Wednesday
We worked on our clearing. I had John Evans & James Campbell grubing.

August 21 Thursday
We are yet working on our clearing. The wether is warm. We had a hard rain this evening. John Evans
worked 6 days this week.

August 22 Friday
Jacob Maddux helped me to saw & rive clapboards. I went to bluffton to get a load to hall to wayne, but
got none. I paid James Campbell $2=00 for 4 days work.

August 23 Saturday
We started early on a visit to Eelriver. We fed in Wayne. I sold my horse for $75=00. We got to our
relations & found them well.

August 24 Sunday
We stayed last night at Mr. Benets. Last night & today have plenty of good peaches which is a rairity to
us & this evening finds us at my brothers. They are all well.

August 25 Monday
I bought a yoke of cattle of Mrs. Pearson for $53, but left them till next week. We spent the day in the
neighborhood. We took a girl to raise of Joseph Jones. She is coming home with us.

August 26 Tuesday
My fatherinlaw took a horse & came with us home. The wether is cool. We got home before sun set &
found all right.

August 27 Wednesday
Father Bennet started home early this morning. Myself & the boys worked at clearing up treetops &
making ready for roling.

August 28 Thursday
no entry

August 29 Friday
We are yet working at our clearing. The wether is dry. It is a fine time for burning logs & brush.

August 30 Saturday
John evans worked 5 days this week & James 4 days. John has worked 15 days on his month.

August 31 Sunday
no entry

September 1 Monday
I met the County board for the purpose of trying to get my land put down, but could do nothing. It is
praised 1225$.

September 2 Tuesday
I sent John Evans to help John Bender raise a house. I borrowed Moses More. James is out asking
hands to help role.

September 3 Wednesday
We had a rolling & quilting. The girls got thair quilt out but I did not get more than half done rolling.

September 4 Thursday
The young folks had a quite a jolification last night. I brought 3 hogs home that I bought of Mr.
Grayham & they got away this evening. I paid $7=50 cts.

September 5 Friday
I went to Eelriver after my cattle. I got out to Mr. Benets at 5 oclock this evening & found the folks well.

September 6 Saturday
John worked 3 days this week & James 2. John has worked 18 days on his month.

September 7 Sunday
I stayed last night at Elijas & started early with my cattle home & I landed home a little after dark. The
wether is warm.

September 8 Monday
I tryed my oxen to the wagon. They work well. John & James is working in the clearing. My clearing
goes slow on account of it being growd up rough.

September 9 Tuesday
I took a load of ashes to bluffton. I got 5 cts per bu, but their measure is very large.

September 10 Wednesday
I was agrivated to nock down an old drunken man last night & I went to Esq. Witmores & paid my fine
to day. It cost $2=50.

September 11 Thursday
I took my cow to Adam Deems to a durham bull yesterday. We have to hall all our water on account of

September 12 Friday
We rolled logs with a yoke of cattle & 3 hands. Mr. Paynter, John & myself. We done a good days

September 13 Saturday
We rolled today & got almost done. John worked 4 days this week & James 3 days. John & I went to
the river & took a wash this evening.

September 14 Sunday
I went to the mill to buy flower yesterday, but there is none to be had. The river is so low they cannot
grind. We had a fine rain last night.

September 15 Monday
The wether is cool. I spent the day in helping to butcher a beef. We had to go near Adams County to get
it. 4 of us joined & bought it. We paid 9$ for it & it weighes 374 lb.

September 16 Tuesday
I went to bluffton with our beef hide. It weighed 53 lb. I settled with Studabaker & had to pay him
$3=74. John Evans got sick to day.

September 17 Wednesday
We turned our teem of our own & finished rolling logs. The wether is dry & it is a good time to burn logs.
I worked till very late burning logs.

September 18 Thursday
We worked at picken thrash & righting up heaps. I have to spend a great deal of time in hunting my
cattle. I have to let them run out.l

September 19 Friday
We loaded up a load of ashes & left them on the wagon. There is some thunder showers pass by but none
comes here.

September 20 Saturday
I commenced cutting up corn. I took Maria to bluffton & got the doctor to cut open her finger. She has
had a very sore finger for several days. It came from a small cut.

September 21 Sunday
We stayed at Moseses last night. They was all well. We came home early this morning and spent the day
at home. We have had a little rain. The road are slipry.

September 22 Monday
I cut up corn. Marias finger is getting better. I worked hard to day, but did not seem to get along fast.

September 23 Tuesday
I cut up corn till noon & it commenced to rain. In the after noon I got the promise of some corn to top at
Mr. Sanders & Witmers.

September 24 Wednesday
I commenced plowing for wheat in my corn ground. James Campbell worked for me today. Jacob
Maddux wife was take very sick.

September 25 Thursday
I took a load of ashes to bluffton & only got 41/2 cts per bushel. I had 39 bu. James topt corn in Mr.
Sanders field for me to day.

September 26 Friday
It rained to day so that we did not get to work. We had a fine rain to day. I paid Welty 5$ on his job.

September 27 Saturday
James & I topt corn in Souders field to day. The corn is a getting dry. We had a very sharp frost thrusday
morning last that was the first frost that we had this year.

September 28 Sunday
Spent the day at home & hunted some for deer but found none.

September 29 Monday
James & Robert Campbell helped me to day. They topt corn in Souders field. I sowed some rye & went
to John Hoovers for seed wheat. I bought 4 bushels for $2-121/2.

September 30 Tuesday
I soed some wheat for the first. It is later than I like to soe but Ihave 71/2 acres that I would like to soe.
What I soed is call wagoner wheat. I finished soeing in my corn field.

October 1 Wednesday
The boys are toping corn at esq. Witmores. I went to John Tuttles to try to get a coon dog, but was too
late. I halled water from Murray & got my plough sharped.

October 2 Thursday
James & I was coon hunting & got our dogs porkupined & caught no coon & we feel quite stupid to day
or I do.

October 3 Friday
James & I built fence & halled railes for the first towards fencing the new ground for wheat. It seems to
be a poor chance for wheat. The ground is fry & hard yet.

October 4 Saturday
Settled with Studebaker. I went to a vandue & bought a side saddle, a kettle & I give my note for $6=80.
None months after date L/Semuel Paynter paid for the wool that I brought from wayne. I settled with
Jacob Maddux & fell in debt 4$81 cts.

October 5 Sunday
I spent the morning deer hunting but seen none. I spent the rest of the day at home principally.

October 6 Monday
We built fence to day. James Campbell is helping me yet.

October 7 Tuesday
I payed John Evans $12=50 for work. I commenced to plow with my oxen & plowed the lot between the
house & road. The ground is dry & hard.

October 8 Wednesday
I plowed & James picked trash & built fence. I am plowing in the new ground. It plows well.

October 9 Thursday
Thomas Foler helped me plow. He plowed with the jumping shovel & I with the big plow. James could
not work to day.

October 10 Friday
James helped me to day. We run one plow to day & I went to Moseses & got his mare.

October 11 Saturday
We run two teams harrowing. We soed the southwest part of the new ground & commenced at the west
end of the piece & soed Sparks wheat & I cleaned 3 pecks of it next to the road.

October 12 Sunday
We had a fine rain to day. I went out in the woods a little while & shot a deer & cripled it, but did not get

October 13 Monday
We harrowed with two teems till noon & I took Jacob Madduxes harrow home & James plowed in wheat
with the shovel plow. We will see which does the best at harvest.

October 14 Tuesday
James plowed & harrowed til noon & then went to a grubing party. I went to Bluffton & brought home
the things that I bought at the sale last week.

October 15 Wednesday
I helped Mr. Blue raise a house & killed a deer as I went. I shot it in the plank road & it run about a
hundred yards.

October 16 Thursday
James plowed & I built fence. I worked very late & am very tired. I am anxious to get done seeding. It is
very late.

October 17 Friday
I closed my fence & commenced seeding the part of my new ground on the east side of my cornfield. I
soed the west side with sparks wheat & some in the middle was a mixter.

October 18 Saturday
We finished soeing wheat & it is raining beautiful. I tryed to clean a small piece on the east side of
Mediteranian 3 rod wide. The first wheat I only soed 1 bushel to the acre & the last I soed more than 2
bushels. We will see which is the best.

October 19 Sunday
no entry

October 20 Monday
I helped Thomas Faler husk corn. James Campbell helped me. We done a good days work. The wether
is cold & a raw air.

October 21 Tuesday
We stoped under the new ground fence & I halled water from Murray & James choped a large tree for

October 22 Wednesday
We sawed off 5 large logs & went to Mr. Grayhams after my hogs.

October 23 Thursday
We soed timothy seed in the low ground among the wheat this morning & James diged potatoes & I went
to Moseses. I got a little Bears oil. He killed one lately.

October 24 Friday
I went to the shop and got a shoe set on my mare & I went to Bluffton & got a load to hall to wayne. I
took 391/2 bu. James worked on the road for me under Mr. Paynter.

October 25 Saturday
We started to wayne this morning early & intended to go to Eelriver on a visit, but had to turn back on
account of rain. The road is so slipy.

October 26 Sunday
We visited Mr. Paynter to day & I hunted a little, but killed nothing. The wether is cold & it snowed a
little to day for the first this fall.

October 27 Monday
James & I choped fire wood & I hall water this evening. The wether is so cold that there is ice across the

October 28 Tuesday
James & I worked the roads under Mr. Wisner. I have 6 day to work on the roads this year.

October 29 Wednesday
We went to hunt crab apples, but found few & got a good soaking. The wether is warm & wet.

October 30 Thursday
James & I worked on the road with the cattle & plow. We finished my road work to day. The wether is
warm & pretty.

October 31 Friday
James commenced one job a clearing. I took Mr. Nelsons saw home & got my horse & James shod
rough to day. Ready to try our visit.

November 1 Saturday
We started early this morning & reached Eelriver after dark. We halled 40 bu of wheat & 3 of corn to
wayne. We found the folks all well at father Benets.

November 2 Sunday
We went to Elijas this evening & found them all well. We had some rain before we got out. The wether
is cold to day.

November 3 Monday
We started early home & I bought two pigs at Mrs. Williams. I paid $4=75 cts for 2 small pigs. The
price seems high. We got home about sunset. The wether was agreeable.

November 4 Tuesday
Jacob Maddux rived boards for me to day. I took the bags home that I had of Studebakers. My load
over run colbs(?) & I bolted out clapboard stuff in the afternoon. Mr. Paynter spent the evening with us.

November 5 Wednesday
We had a very good tracking snow fell last night & I spent nearly all day after the deer, but got none as
usual. The snow broke the trees tile it was dangerous to be out.

November 6 Thursday
I choped a little & hall water & I spent a good part of the day hunting my hogs, but did not find them.

November 7 Friday
I choped & halled wood & I got 4 bu & 22 half bushels of corn in the ear being par of what he borrowed 4
years ago.

November 8 Saturday
William Maddux came to see me & I got but little done. We hunted a while, but I saw no deer. The
wether is quite pleasant to day.

November 9 Sunday
I sold my gun to William Maddux for 10 Dollars, $1=50 paid in wheat that I got last summer. It snowed
all day.

November 10 Monday
I cut & hall fire wood & built a pig pen. I worked hard & am tired. The wether quite pleasant. There is
291/2 days unsettled that James Campbell has workd for me.

November 11 Tuesday
I halled some fodder & done up my tures ready to start to ohio in the morning. Paid my delinquent tax on
my land $7.00.

November 12 Wednesday
I started to ohio early this morning with my mare & James CampbellÆs with gear on. I fed at M.
Chatmans at noon & put up at recovery with Tip.

November 13 Thursday
I paid 85 cts for my fare last night. I had company to day. It rained nearly all day. I fed & took dinner at
greenville & paid 45 cts & rode to new harrison & put up with Mr. Shade.

November 14 Friday
My fare was good. I paid 75 cts. I called to see Mr. Barber, but he had moved off & I traveled on
through tipacanoe & got to uncle John Arnolds about 3 oclock in the evening & found them well. It
rained to day as usual.

November 15 Saturday
I got to fathers at 11 oclock today & found them well & spent the rest of the day there. They have
everything plenty & live in a good house, but it does not seem like to me any more.

November 16 Sunday
I had the pleasure of seeing some of my old neighbors. I went to see how mu sheep were doing that I left
at Mr. Snells. They are doing well. The wether is fair. Wheat looks poor in the ground in this country.
Wheat is worth 50 cts.

November 17 Monday
I went to see Peter Anglebarger. He was keeping sheep for me on shears, but I found them in rather a
bad situation & several missing. I came to fathers this evening.

November 18 Tuesday
I went last night to see Joseph reed & Mr. Bousmans. They agreed to take some of my sheep to keep on
shares & I & Isaac Bousman went to Anglebargers & brought them. Reed took 13 & the Bousmans 12.

November 19 Wednesday
I stayed at Mr. Snells last night & parted our sheep this morning. I had 29. John agrees to take them to
keep next year on the shares. I bought 2 pigs of John Shroyer to take to Indiana.

November 20 Thursday
I intended to start home early this morning, but it is pouring down rain. I started & got as far as uncle
John Arnolds & put up for to day. It rained all day.

November 21 Friday
I started for Indiana early. I went the pike to troy & from that to Newton. I paid 28 cts toll to day. I got
to new harrison & put up with Mr. Shade.

November 22 Saturday
My bill was 75 cts. I paid 15 cts toll on the road from new harrison to Greenville. It is a poor pike. I
traveled hard. I got to recovery after dark & put up with H. Tip. I had very bad roads to day.

November 23 Sunday
I started early expecting to get home today, but got disappointed. I got to T/Lot Frenches & stoped for
the night. I had miserable roads to day.

November 24 Monday
I got home about 11 oclock & feel happy to find all well. I have had a very mudy trip. I feel as though I
can stay at home for awhile. My trip cost $4=07 cts.

November 25 Tuesday
I put in the time looking at my pigs & husking a little corn. The pigs that I brought from Ohio looks the
best. I think they stood the trip well. It snowed the bigest part of the day, but did not make much snow.

November 26 Wednesday
I choped Some firewood & husked corn enough to feed my stock. The wether is pleasant.

November 27 Thursday
I choped some firewood, but worked moderate. The wether is quite moderate. James Campbell come
here this evening.

November 28 Friday
James & myself halled my fodder home from Souders this morning. We had 3 loads. The wether is cold
this morning. I stacked my foder this evening. Jacob Maddux with us.

November 29 Saturday
I went to murray to mill & took a grist of corn. The mill is doing a good business now. I hunted for my
hogs that I have out. I found them at Grahams, a sow & 7 shoats. They are doing well out.

November 30 Sunday
Myself & family containing Maria, wife, & Synthean Jones all spent the day at Mr. Weltys.

December 1 Monday
I brought my grist from the mill this morning & I spent the afternoon in bluffton. The wether is quite
pleasant. I read kate Clarendon, a novel till very late.

December 2 Tuesday
I finished reading my novel & spent the day principally in the house. I sold a wagon to Mr. Graham for
$45 on tick. It snowed all day faithful & is at it yet, but it is not cold.

December 3 Wednesday
It snowed some this forenoon. I hunted the bigest part of the day, but found nothing. I tracked a fox a
long ways, but could not start it.

December 4 Thursday
Michael Blue helped me hall my foder from Mr. Whitmores. We had 2 small loads. I saw some folks
killing thair hogs in the woods. I think that a poor plan, but it cannot be helped here.

December 5 Friday
I done nothing of account today. I hunted some for my sow & shoats that I have running out, but did not
find them. Mr. & Mrs Souders spent the evening with us. The wether is cool & the snow is yet on the

December 6 Saturday
I helped Mr. Blue butcher hogs. They killed the poorest I ever saw killed, but they had not been fed any.
I killed one also & cleaned it at Blues. The snow is quite soft to day.

December 7 Sunday
I cutt up my hog to day & walked through the woods the rest of the time. I hunted for coon tonight, but
they donÆt run. I believe I caught a porcupine & posom. The snow is all gone. The wether is warm.

December 8 Monday
I choped some & went to bluffton & bought a pair of boots of Martin Winters for $2=50 on credit. The
wether is quite warm & windy. I looked for my sow & shoats. They are running near where I bought

December 9 Tuesday
I went to Bluffton this morning again & sold 31/2 lbs butter at 10 cts per lb & bought 1 lb sugar 9 cts & _
lb saleratus 5 cts. I helped Wismer raise a stable.

December 10 Wednesday
I got my hogs home. They look well to run in the woods so long. They have not had any corn since early
this fall. There was a small skift of snow this morning, but it is gone.

December 11 Thursday
I did no do much work to day. I under brushed some between my house and the road. The wether is
moderate for this season of the year.

December 12 Friday
I made a few railes & built a pen & put in my sow & let the shoats run in the woods. I want to learn them
to range near home.

December 13 Saturday
I halled some boards & covered my hog pen & halled a little firewood. The week is past & I am ashamed
to see how little work I have done. The wether is very cold.

December 14 Sunday
The ground is covered with snow & there is a good foundation for it. We had intended to go to church to
Murray to day, but the wether was so bad that we gave it up. We had a very strange looking costomer to
take dinner with us to day. He is traveling west.

December 15 Monday
I went to Moses Arnolds & he came to see me. The wether is extremely cold.

December 16 Tuesday
Moses stayed all night with us. I done nothing but cut a little wood & sit by the fire.

December 17 Wednesday
The wether continues very cold. I choped enough wood to keep us from freezing.

December 18 Thursday
I followed a fox track most all day, but could not start it. Went to Jacob Madduxes on a visit this
evening, but they was not a home.

December 19 Friday
I choped firewood till noon & sit in the house in the afternoon. The wether was very blustery this evening
& it is a snowing.

December 20 Saturday
The wether is moderating a little, but it is cold yet. I hunted all day & caught 8 rabits, 1 pheasant & 1
opossom. We visited Jacob Madduxes this evening. We went in a sleigh.

December 21 Sunday
We spent the day at home. Mr. Paynter & his family called to see us this evening. The wether has
moderated a little.

December 22 Monday
I took an early start & got a good days work done. I choped firewood this fornoon & I got out a pair of
sled runners this evening. The wether is pleasant but cold.

December 23 Tuesday
I finished my sled runners & choped wood & halled up some this evening. It takes my half my time to get

December 24 Wednesday
I choped some firewod & I went to Bluffton. I took some butter. I got 10 cts a lb. I bought 1 gallon
whiskey 31 cts, 2 lb cofee 25 cts, _ lb spice 10 cts. Absalom Bennet came to see us this evening.

December 25 Thursday
Absalom and myself spent the day hunting rabbits. We had good luck catching. The wether is very
damp & misting rain & snowed this evening.

December 26 Friday
Absalom started home early this morning. I done but very little work to day. The wether is clear &

December 27 Saturday
I spent the day doing nothing. The wether warm, the snow is melting very fast & there has been some
rain to day.

December 28 Sunday
We spent the day at home. The wether is warm & the snow is all gone.

December 29 Monday
I paid Jacob Maddux $3=00 for 100 lbs beef that I got last fall of him. I cut & halled up timber to top out
my chicken house.

December 30 Tuesday
I spent the day making a washboard at Mr. Blues. We have needed one a long time. The wether is wet &
it thundered last night like summer.

December 31 Wednesday
I halled up boards & covered my chicken house & halled firewood. The year is going out warm.
Another year is gone & I am hapy to say that I am well & think that I have spent the last part of the year
to a better advantage for myself than I have spent here to fore & I hope to spend the next year much better
than I have this. I am living on a piece of land of my own containing 200 acres, but I am in debt
$285=95. 195 I owe on my land & 90 in dribs for clearing & other notions.
I have 1 horse beast, 1 yoke of cattle & 1 cow & calf, 12 head of hogs besides 22 I want to kill for our
meat. I have about fifty Dollars in notes and money by me after I pay my tax, but I have not corn or other
grain to fee my stock without buying. Corn is worth 25 cts per bushel. I soed 10 acres of wheat & rye last
fall. I also have 58 head of sheep in ohio or had a short time ago.

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Diary courtesy of Jan Smith

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